Data takes people

Automation is not replacing human judgement, only augmenting it. Input data must be organized and filtered. Output data needs checking and cleanup.

We enable the human side of data automation.


Labor force of music experts

Skilled music specialists trained and equipped to do bulk labor

Schema design

Taxonomy, definitions, and heuristics by a senior music specialist

Editorial tool development

Engineering on custom solutions to perform data maintenance

Production Music Tagging

Metadata taxonomy designed for music supervisors, customizable for each client.

Years of experience supporting composers and libraries.

Skilled musicians with good ears, empowered to use their judgement.

Data QA

Sanitize input

Data from partners can be a mess. Before you ingest it, we check and normalize.

Support engineering with detailed test cases

Test coverage for data products requires knowing what you expect. We convert product requirements and schema definitions into thorough tests.

Measure output quality

You can't rely on your input data to automatically test your data output. We check that output matches product requirements.

Correct edge cases

It's great that your automated processes got a 95% accuracy, but you still have 5% left. We do the work.